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Shooting for the Web

with Simon Walker.

Do you need to shoot and edit footage specifically for the internet and for mobile devices?

This course will teach you the process of scripting, shooting, editing and uploading of video for viewing/distributing on line.

We will cover basics and touch upon the more advanced features of shooting on Sony EX1/3 cameras, editing on Adobe Premiere Pro and outputting and uploading for the internet.

  • Learn how to shoot on Sony EX3 cameras with a view to web and mobile distribution
  • Learn how to set-up and shoot interviews, as well as planning a story arc
  • Learn to edit on a Mac using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Gain a basic understanding of sound editing, applying effects and generating titles
  • Prepare and encode films for distribution on the web
  • Methods to promote and add attract traffic to films and content
  • Also a benefit to intermediate film-makers who want to distribute high quality video on the web and raise their production values

This shooting / editing / uploading course covers, over three days, the approach for planning and structuring a film, practical training with the cameras and shooting kit, settings and camera moves that work well for on-line video, training in PPro editing, incorporating and editing audio, colour-correcting shots and methods of on-line delivery. Simon also provides useful resources such as notes, software information and video training clips, that highlight the key techniques of editing in PPro, as well as providing extra information surrounding the course.

You'll be shooting with Sony EX3 camera kits, but also included in the course is practical advice about how to deal with the gotchas that occur when dealing with other cameras (such as HD SLR workflows).


Course Content
On completion you will have covered the following crucial stages:

Day One (Planning & Shooting)P1000503 web_X0l1K_case_study_m.jpg

  • Introduction to the limitations of web-based videos (compression & camerawork issues)
  • Story structure, film length and script considerations
  • Technical issues (e.g. aspect ratio, focus, DoF, tripod vs handheld)
  • Camera, sound & lighting training
  • Shooting a short film for on line delivery

Day Two (Editing)

  • Digitising footage
  • Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • How to edit more quickly (Pro tips & shortcuts)
  • Practical production tips (incl. correct posture at the computer, backup strategy)
  • Adding titles
  • Adding audio

Day Three (Post Production)

  • How to finish the edit
  • Colour correcting footage
  • Adjusting for exposure
  • Re-framing for the internet
  • Fixing problems
  • Compressing for the web
  • How to share videos for Windows and mobile devices
  • Uploading to online video sites
  • How to get the best quality out of your videos


Who this course is for:
Producers, Journalists, Researchers, Stills Photographers, Editors, DSLR Shooters, Film-makers, Web Authors and anyone who needs to create on-line video content


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Course Length

3 days

Course Dates


Course Cost

£600 + £120 V.A.T.

Funding Availability

Skillset Cymru Bursaries

Skillset Cymru Bursaries are grants for individuals working in the Welsh TV industry to spend on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training.

They are managed by Skillset and the funding comes from the Welsh language broadcaster S4C and the trade association Teledwyr Annibynnol Cymru (TAC).

There are two funding schemes, Skillset Cymru Freelance Bursaries and Skillset Cymru Bursaries for Editors.



Simon Walker

Simon-Walker-shooting_a6XUl_tutor_logo.jpgSimon Walker ( is an Adobe Certified Instructor, Apple Certified Final Cut Studio Master Trainer and instructor for the International Colorist Academy (, and trains industry professionals in Filming, editing, motion graphics, colour grading, audio sweetening, DVD and Blu-ray authoring and video compression. He has been filming, editing, designing & animating short-films, adverts, interactive programs and motion graphics sequences for over 15 years.

Simon writes, edits and produces training packages for the media industry (including Video Optimising & Compression, Internet Film-making, & Visual Storytelling using Colour Correction and Grading). Through his production company, he has also produced two award-winning interactive training packages for Somerfield PLC.


Cyfle Training Centre, 33-35 West Bute Street, Cardiff Bay CF10 5LH

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